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Creative Video Applications For Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs And Web Pages

Custom Dental Videos

My approach in video creation is always changing and cutting edge. I will show you how to ensure your website visitor’s digital experience is nothing less than the very best!

Facebook users LOVES video. In the not-so-distant future, Facebook believes, the majority of content online users consume will be video.

This is a giant shift for marketers and entrepreneurs. One reason is that these videos are effective advertisements. 64 percent of users already say that these videos influence them in purchasing decisions.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t just love video; he’s doubling down on it.  He even went as far as to call video the next ‘Megatrend’ after the mobile revolution.

Facebook cover videos are similar to cover photos, which occupy the space at the top of your Facebook Page. Adding a video cover or header to your Facebook page or website is a great visual way to show what you’re all about. Atmospheric videos on your site can be pretty cool, especially with the rise of video content interest on the internet. Captivate your visitors when they come to your business page

Video draws attention.

Stunning video or animation in the background can easily make people stop and stare, then examine it, increasing the time they spend on the site, and hopefully lead to more interaction with the contents on the site.